An extra warm, money-saving opportunity this winter.

$10,000 back in your pocket.

That’s exactly what you’ll get when you upgrade and take advantage of limited-time home efficiency rebates. As a premier Mitsubishi dealer, we have a limited supply of Zuba Cold Climate Heat Pump Systems in stock. The choice to go green and welcome a new, energy-efficient heat pump into your home has never been easier.

What is the Mitsubishi Electric Zuba Cold Climate Heat Pump?

Zuba is a family of Cold Climate Heat Pumps with hyper-heat inverter technology developed specifically for our Canadian winters. This cost-effective and space-saving system will revolutionize how you experience heating and cooling in your home for years to come!

Why consider the Mitsubishi Zuba?

An environmentally friendly heat pump.

This single unit provides heating and cooling in your home as a more effective and sustainable substitute to a traditional fossil fuel system.

Quiet operation.

Your Zuba system is extremely quiet. You might not recognize it is operating diligently to keep temperatures balanced and ensure you feel comfortable at home.

Enjoy comfort all year long.

The Mitsubishi Electric Zuba keeps your home comfortable during winter and summer with its powerful cold climate heat pump system. Experience maximum heating performance in the winter and effortless cooling during those hot Ontario summer months! Every one of our clients raves about the comfort and consistency in their home with their new Zuba heating and cooling system.

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A safer operation to bring you peace of mind.

Say goodbye to worrying about the hazards of a traditional fuel-burning appliance. Installing your new Zuba system means no more propane, natural gas, or carbon monoxide exhaust fumes that could threaten you and your family's safety. Gain peace of mind with this modern heat pump system.

Dependability and warranty that is unmatched.

Mitsubishi Electric has been a pioneer in manufacturing dependable and superior-quality electronics. Unsurpassed by their dedication to technology is the commitment they demonstrate toward service. Every single product under the Mitsubishi Electric brand name is backed up with an unwavering assurance of quality. For almost one hundred years, this trustworthiness has yielded remarkable results and continues to do so. All Zuba Central systems installed by our Team as a MEQ-authorized HVAC Installer will receive an upgrade to an extended 10-year parts and labour warranty.

Authorized Dealer of Mistubishi Electric Heating and Cooling10 Year Parts & Compressor Warranty

Benefit from up to $10,000 in total rebates! *

Enbridge Gas and The Greener Home Grant have partnered to provide up to $10,000 in total rebates for reliable energy-saving retrofits to your home. Replace your traditional heating system with a modern Mitsubishi Zuba Heat Pump. Participating customers can also offset the cost of their EnerGuide home evaluation with the included rebate of $600.

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"Brian and crew installed a heat pump and on demand water heater in our home recently. The crew were fantastic!! Very nice guys, answered any questions we had, left things neat and tidy and just a lot of fun. We are extremely pleased with the units."

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